Can you catch a shiny Inkay in Pokémon Go? – September 8, 2021

What are the chances?

Image via Niantic

Inkay is making its debut to Pokémon Go during the Psychic Spectacular event during the mobile game’s Season of Mischief. Hoopa has been spotted in various events, causing plenty of trouble, and Inkay is also showing up for a brief period. While Inkay is available during the Psychic Spectacular event, can you catch a shiny Inkay? This guide details how that’s going to work.

Inkay’s shiny version is not available in Pokémon Go and will be releasing sometime in the future. Whenever a new Pokémon appears in Pokémon Go, Niantic does not release the shiny version at the same time. So it’s always different events, and you can expect to catch a shiny Inkay sometime in the future, but not right now.

When will a shiny Inkay be coming to Pokémon Go? We can expect that to happen in roughly a year or so. There’s no exact date, and Niantic does not have a formula for when it releases shiny Pokémon. We only know it happens during specific events. We’ll receive notice about it usually a week before it happens, but no other notice is given to players.

Because Inkay is a ‘lucky’ wild spawn during the Psychic Spectacular event, we can expect this Pokémon to be harder to capture than many anticipate, which is likely because of Malamar’s overall moveset. However, the event where Inkay receives its shiny version in Pokémon Go will also mean it’s going to receive an increased spawn, making it easier to capture, and increases the chances of you capturing a worthwhile one to add to your collection and to use in PvP.