How to farm Adena in Lineage 2

Best ways to get rich.

Image via NCSOFT

Just like every MMORPG, players need in-game currency to progress smoothly in Lineage 2. Adena, the in-game currency in Lineage 2, is required to make any purchase at the store, trade exchanges, and even for crafting gears. To help both beginners and intermediate players, we’ve collected the best methods for farming Adena in Lineage 2.

Play as a Dwarf

Dwarfs are greedy in general, and they are no different in Lineage 2. Picking Dwarf as your character will allow you to farm Adena faster when compared to other classes. However, Dwarfs have low damage, so it’s best to pair them up with a Prophet or Swordsinger to make mob farming easy.


The old faithful method of any MMORPG, fishing is one of the easiest ways to make Adena in Lineage 2. Just get a rod and head to any riverbank to reel in some fishes. Although fishes sell for low Adena, it accumulates over time. Additionally, you can go AFK while fishing, so it doesn’t become mundane.

Complete daily quests

Each day you will get five scrolls that contain a quest. These scrolls are graded, and the higher the grade, the more difficult the task. You will receive Adena each time you finish a scroll mission, so make sure you complete all five quests daily.

Be a part of clan

Joining a clan in Lineage 2 will grant you access to different clan dungeons. Depending upon your clan level, the level of these dungeons will increase, and clearing the dungeon will yield Adena. Additionally, you get high-tier resources as a reward for clearing these dungeons, which would otherwise be hard to obtain.