How to farm Character Points in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Get that grind going.

Image via Nintendo

In Mario Golf: Super Rush, players will need to level up Mii characters to improve golf attributes. These boosts, which include increases to Power, Speed, and Spin, amongst others, can be visible and used in Golf Adventure, as well as in offline play. But to improve your Mii’s attributes, you’ll need to acquire XP to level up the character, which can be done through points. Here’s how you can grind character points in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Simply put, Mario Golf: Super Rush players can acquire character points just by completing rounds of golf. Each time you complete an event, regardless of whether it’s an offline or Ranked game, you will receive character level point increases. This is important, considering that special bags of clubs for each Mario character are locked until you receive a certain amount of points. The figures needed are either 1000 or 3000 points.

Another way you can acquire character points is by completing practice challenges. This applies more towards Mii characters. Each region in the Golf Adventure mode has a Practice area, and in that area, challenges that can be completed.

One tip that we have regarding farming Mii character points quickly is this: grind through the Bonny Greens practice challenges at the start of the adventure. Since this is the first region you will be playing in, you’d expect the challenges to be easy. You would be correct in that assumption, as some of them, including working on approach shots, are extremely simple. And, you get a good amount of points (~100 points) each time you finish one.

Just make sure you get your games and practice challenges in, and you should have zero problems leveling up your character.