How to farm coins in Tasomachi: Behind the Twilight

Never run out of coins again.


Image by Playism

The world of Tasomachi has a fantastical vibe, with your main character Yukumo traversing the towns and shrines that accompany each town that has an air of magic to them. However, as a game rooted in the collect-a-thon genre, you always need to be looking out for the game’s two collectible elements.

One is the Source of the Earth, golden lanterns scattered around everywhere, and it’s up to you to platform your way across the town. The other is a coin currency that can be used to purchase items from the trading shop located within the game’s Silent Valley area and throughout the rest of the game.

The coins can also be used during the sanctuary trials as a method of skipping difficult rooms by paying a number of them will open up a teleporter, allowing you instant passage past the challenge.

While there are plenty scattered around the maps when you enter, obtaining more coins can be done more easily by simply moving from one area to the next. Each time that you exit a map and head to another, the twinkles that indicate coins will replenish in all of the same spots. 

This means to farm coins to use in the game is as simple as moving from area to area, collecting coins from each, and then moving on again. Some levels will offer more coins for you to collect, but if you simply cycle around each one, exploring the town section of each, you should be able to collect all the coins you will need to purchase anything from the trader and skip any levels that you wish.