How to farm Nectar in Hades

Get ready to go spelunking.

Image via Supergiant Games

Nectar is one of several important artifacts in Hades. This item is needed to gain access to Keepsakes, Companions, and romance options from NPCs. Nectar is one of the easier artifacts to come by but can still be a pain to find when you need to get that one last keepsake. Here is a quick guide on how to get your hands on plenty of Nectar.

Wretched Broker and Charon

The Wretched Broker has anything you can think of to fulfill all of your shade-slaying needs. The Broker’s shop should be checked after every run to see what he has in stock. He sometimes sells Nectar for five Chthonic Keys in a repeatable trade, or for 10 Gemstones in a limited time trade.

Charon will also occasionally stock Nectar in his shops for 200 Obols. Keep an eye out for him when exploring, or use a keepsake or contractor upgrade to make him appear more frequently. Farming Obols is very easy through Mirror of Night perks and contractor upgrades, so grabbing a Nectar or other valuable items from Charon should be pretty easy. Just don’t be afraid to spend those valuable Obols when you see him.


There are two boons available that can give you Nectar as a bonus. Poseidon’s Sunken Treasure boon gives you a bundle of currency items. Sunken Treasure has a 10% chance of also giving you a Nectar. Dionysus’s Premium Vintage boon will give you a little extra health each time you pick up a Nectar and will drop one when you choose it. If you like playing with Dionysus or Poseidon’s boons, these will be easy to come by. You can also use their keepsakes to have a chance of getting these boons early on.


The absolute best way to get Nectar is just through exploring the Underworld. Nectar is a possible drop at the end of each chamber. After you complete a chamber and need to choose where to go next, head through any door with the gold-colored Nectar bottle floating over it to guarantee a drop in the next chamber.

You can also gain Nectar from completing Infernal Trove challenges. There is a 5% chance of each trove dropping Nectar, but you can increase the chance of a Trove appearing through upgrades at the House Contractor. You can also purchase a Trove Tracker item from Wells of Charon that will let you find Troves more easily.

Finally, as you explore the Underworld, be sure to jump at any opportunity to talk to a god you haven’t met yet. Once you have met all of the gods and used their boons, you will be rewarded with a bounty at the Fated List of Minor Prophecies.