How to farm Purple Adamantine Shard in Immortals Fenyx Rising

One of the rarer items in the game.

As players progress in Immortals Fenyx Rising to save the Greek gods from the evil Titan Typhon, they find several items by defeating enemies and opening chests, which can be used to upgrade abilities, skills, weapons, and even Fenyx’s maximum health and stamina.

One of the rarer items in the game is the Purple Adamantine Shard. Purple Adamantine Shard is quite an important item because it is used for armor and helmet upgrades. While upgrading weapons require both Blue and Purple Adamantine Shards, blue ones are significantly easier to find since almost all common enemies drop them.

On the other hand, Purple Adamantine Shards can only be obtained via Epic Chests and Purple Shard Clusters. There is no specific way to locate Purple Shard Clusters, as they are scattered across the map. Purple Shard Clusters appear as aggregates of purple crystal in the game’s open world. You can obtain Purple Adamantine Shards by hitting these clusters with your sword.

The second way to obtain Purple Adamantine Shards is by looting Epic Chests. Epic Chests can be found at various locations on the map. If you are looking for Epic Chests, the best way to find them is by using Far Sight. You can use Far Sight by pressing V key on the keyboard (R3 on the controller). When the cursor starts flashing and the prompt to reveal comes up, press the button E on the keyboard (RT/R2 on the controller) to reveal the specific location.

While it can turn out to be anything from a Vault to a Navigation challenge, if you see a golden armor symbol, it means it is an Epic Chest. Simply travel to the location, and you will find the chest there. Obtaining the chest might be quite tricky at times since it does involve several puzzles, just like in the Vaults; however, most of them are pretty straightforward.

Once you have enough Purple and Blue Adamantine Shards for an upgrade, you can head back to the Hall of Gods and use the Forge of Hephaistos to upgrade your armor and helmets. Upgrades play a crucial role in the game since it influences all your armors and helmets’ base stats, irrespective of whichever armor or helmet you are using.