How to fast travel in The Falconeer

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How to fast travel in The Falconeer
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The Falconeer is a beautiful game, and most of the time, you will want to slowly explore its intriguing, colorful world. However, there will be occasions when you want to fast travel to specific destinations, so a fast travel mechanic would be handy to know about.

There is fast travel in The Falconeer, but not in the traditional sense. Ordinarily, you can bring up the in-game map, hover over a place you want to fast travel to, tap a button on your controller, and be transported there after a quick loading screen. However, this doesn’t happen in The Falconeer. You can only access the World Map by opening up the pause menu, and even then, you can merely scroll through the map to see where you need to go. We did say that fast travel is present in Thomas Sala’s game, though, so how does it work?

There are only three instances where you can actually fast travel to locations. The first is using the ‘Fly Home’ mechanic. Open up the pause menu by pressing the start button on your Xbox One controller. Look for the third option in the menu, scroll down, and tap the A button. This transports you back to the island that you consider your home base for each chapter in The Falconeer. It’s a quick and easy way to head home and start up the next main mission during your playthrough.

The second fast travel mechanic occurs during the main missions. If you are instructed to travel to a far away place, you will receive an on-screen prompt to ‘fly ahead.’ This can be viewed in the bottom left corner of your TV or monitor. Press and hold the A button when this prompt appears, and you will travel near to the destination you need to reach.

How to fast travel in The Falconeer

Finally, you can use jetstreams high in the atmosphere to travel quicker to locations. This isn’t a typical fast travel mechanic, but it gets you to places in double time. Fly upwards until you see a jetstream, which you will recognize from the image above. Fly into it, and the current will carry your falcon for a brief period. Once the jetstream ends, it will fling you out into the sky — with a refilled flight energy meter — to move you quickly towards your destination.