How to fast travel in Watch Dogs: Legion

The various ways to travel in London.

How to fast travel in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion boasts an expansive open-world with the whole map divided into several districts. The easiest way to travel in the game is by walking to the place where you want to go. However, certain missions require you to travel across boroughs, which can get a bit hectic at times.

The simplest way to travel faster is by using the various vehicles in the game. You can do so by just walking towards any of the vehicles and pressing the key to enter it. Considering most of the cars are driverless, it’s pretty easy to steal cars in Watch Dogs: Legion without getting into a fight.

If you want an even faster way of traveling, you can try out Cargo Drones. Cargo Drones can be found hovering across the city. You can also hire a construction worker who has the Cargo Drone as one of his gadgets. Once you have hacked the drone, just lower it to ground level and jump on it. You can now take the drone to any place you want, with your character on top of it.

Finally, you can also use the in-game fast travel system to travel across London in a matter of just seconds. You can use the Underground to fast travel between those stations on the map. Keep in mind that they unlock as you progress through the game and make districts defiant, so many of them might be locked in the beginning. Just open the map and click on any Underground icon to fast travel to that location. You can travel to the nearest Underground and then use a car to reach the exact location.