How to feed and water chickens in Ranch Simulator

Feeding time for chickens.

Image via Gamepur

A good way to make some money on your ranch when you’re first starting out in Ranch Simulator is to take care of your chickens. These animals are consistently wandering around your farm, and they’re capable of producing a few eggs that you can take to the store to sell them for a little bit of profit. You do have to make sure to an egg basket to collect them. An important aspect of acquiring those eggs is to keep your chickens fed, and making sure they have plenty of water. You can do this by installing a pair of feeders into the side of your chicken coop. This is a better method than leaving the grain feed on the ground.

You want to go around to the side of your chicken coop while you have your build icon up. Make sure to click the tab button to bring it up, and go with the left side option to build. There will be an option for you to create a pair of feeders on the chicken coop’s outer area, furthest from the door. The feeder costs a little bit of money, but it’s a worthy investment to ensure you can properly feed your chickens.

Image via Gamepur

Once they’re fed, they may not immediately go into the coops to consume the food or water. We recommend grabbing your chickens, placing them inside the coops, and then closing the door behind them. This way, they’re forced to walk around the small enclosure and have direct access to these beneficial resources.

You should find a handful of eggs inside of the coops every so often when you investigate them.