How to fight the beekeepers in Mundaun

Keep their hordes at bay.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Your trek up Mundaun’s mountain is full of other-worldly monsters for you to avoid. The first enemies you come up against are hay people you can take out with either a good poking from your pitchfork or by lighting them on fire with matches. Unfortunately, not all enemies are as easily killable.

There are a few enemies you’ll come up against that you can’t hurt in any way. The first of these is the beekeepers that start appearing once you get to the mountain lake area just after meeting Giovanni, the painter. These baddies carry an urn of bees that they’ll send after you if you get too close.

The game does tell you how to deal with these pests, but only if you’re paying close attention. In the lake, you might notice a paper boat floating along. If you pick it up, you’ll get a hint from Flurina. However, many players might miss it.

To get around the beekeepers without taking much damage, you actually need to use your uncle’s pipe. Once the bees start to come after you, you just puff on the pipe, and it disperses them into the air. It’s not perfect as you can become overwhelmed by two beekeepers at once, but it does help you get some space if you need it.

So, while there’s no way to completely take the beekeepers out of the picture like you can with the hay people, you can make dealing with them much easier. Just get out that pipe and get to smoking.