How to fight the Enderman in Minecraft Dungeons

You can fight an Enderman in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons features both bosses and mini-bosses in the game. One of the mini-bosses you will likely encounter is the Enderman. It’s a skinny creature with long arms and legs and projects purple sprites around it. The enemy has a series of different attacks, and teleports around the map while you fight it.

Taking down an Enderman is all about dodging. If you can keep to a safe distance, use arrows or any ranged attacks you have to hit it from afar. It will try to close the distance by floating over to you or teleporting to your position. If you have an artifact that lets you summon a pet, you can use them to draw the attention of an Enderman towards them, giving you ample opportunity to freely attack them.

When an Enderman teleports to you, it will try to swipe out and attack you using its long arms. The best thing for you to do is turn around and try to roll away. You might be able to roll forward into its attack if you can time it correctly. You mostly want to roll away. It will follow you, though, and after you hit it a few times it does teleport away from you every so often. You want to consistently run around the map, remaining as agile as it does.

At the top of your screen you should see the creature’s maximum health, giving you a decent idea of how much longer you need to fight it. The health bar does disappear every time they teleport. You first encounter them in Soggy Swamp, and there are two of them in the level.