How to find and beat Tristan the Vampire Hunter in V Rising – Tristan location

The hunter becomes the hunted.

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Unlike most bosses in V Rising, Tristan the Vampire Hunter doesn’t have a set location. Instead, he patrols the roads in Farbane Woods in search of his prey. On top of this, Tristan is significantly more powerful than you’re likely to be the first time you come across him, making him an especially intimidating presence to new players. But once you become strong enough to take on Tristan the Vampire Hunter, he’s a particularly enticing target due to his extremely valuable reward: the ability to craft Greater Blood Essence without the need for Unsullied Hearts.

Where to find Tristan

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You can find Tristan wandering Farbane Woods, usually on its eastern side, around the Bandit Logging Camp shown above. Before you head out on the hunt, we’d recommend reaching a Gear Score of at least 46, although Tristan is a tough enough fight that you may want something closer to 50. If Tristan is in the logging camp itself, (or any other enemy encampment, for that matter) it’s best to wait until he leaves so you can fight him in a more isolated setting.

How to defeat Tristan

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Tristan’s moveset is particularly tricky because of its focus on movement and quick attacks, along with the long reach of his sword. Early in the fight, keep an eye out for his lunging sweeps, which can hit at a surprisingly long range. Wielding a mace that’s Iron quality or higher is helpful here, since your second weapon ability comes out fast and will knock Tristan out of melee range for a while, leaving him open to your ranged spells.

Once you whittle Tristan down to half health, his moveset changes fairly drastically. He incorporates a flaming crossbow attack (which is easy to strafe around) and a firebomb (which is a nightmare) into his rotation. He throws the firebomb up in the air, where it explodes into several smaller bombs that scatter unpredictably in a large area, covering the ground in flames for a few seconds. This attack does big damage, and it should be your highest priority for avoiding using your movement ability. The best method we found for dealing with Tristan’s second phase is to dodge often, while patiently taking ranged shots at him when safe.

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