How to find and pray at altars in Stoneshard

Altars give you an experience boost.

Altars have arrived in Stoneshard in the new Trollslayer update. These are religious locations you can have your character pray to while they are out traveling the world. They’re certainly worth your time to go out of your way and pray at them, too.

If you find an altar in the game, have your character approach it to interact with it. They gain a passive buff that will increase the number of experience points they earn for a series of turns. It’s not time-based. It’s the amount of time you spend playing the game, wandering around, and performing turns, which coincides with every step you take. For example, if you have your character bounce back and forth between a pair of tiles over and over again, time will pass around them, and they will become hungry and thirsty.

These are great to locate before entering a dungeon or attempting a new quest for anyone in the game. If you find the entrance to a dungeon at any of the points of interest in the game, or want to venture down to complete a quest, you would do well to find these altars early one. Your best bet is to stick to the roads and view on the map where they are. Roads appear to have a higher likelihood of these altars showing up.

While they were added to the game in the Trollslayer update, these altars could receive different bonuses, depending on the type of altar and the God you choose to worship.