Where to Find Arenaria in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The white Arenaria flower is a useful resource in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. You need it for a handful of valuable potions and oils to make fighting monsters easier in the game. But, locating the flower can prove a little tricky if you don’t look for it early on in the game.

How to Find Arenaria in The Witcher 3

You can find Arenaria exceptionally early in the game. If you miss these opportunities, you have another chance to obtain it for the remainder of the game, but it’s only in one place. These are the locations:

  • West of Woesong Bridge
  • From Tomira
  • From a Herbalist in Velen

The first two places are in White Orchard, the tutorial area of The Witcher 3. The natural Arenaria you can find in this area is right next to the town when you arrive at the Woesong Bridge signpost. You can fast travel here and then go to the tavern in the city. From there, proceed west until you arrive at the fields. You should find a handful of Arenaria white plants waiting for you to harvest.

After grabbing those, you can meet up with the local herbalist of White Orchard, Tomira. You’ll encounter her eventually because you need her to do the main quest to complete the tutorial area and advance the game. If you ask her to see what she’s selling, she’ll offer you some when you view her list.

The last reliable location to purchase Arenaria flowers is a herbalist in Velen, but you need to earn him. You’ll need to liberate a village in the Velen. You will find it to the west of Lurtch. We the location displayed above for you to make it easy to locate. Go into the village, clear it out, and the herbalist arrives shortly after you to sell you those flowers if you have the coin. He will have 12 available.