How to find Barrels in Stranded Deep

They’re barrels of fun.

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Finding the right items to make everything in Stranded Deep can sometimes be very challenging. On the one hand, you have Fibrous Leaves that are everywhere and respawn regularly, while on the other hand you have Barrels, which you will likely be looking all around for if you want to build out your raft or make a particular station at your home base. Here is how to find Barrels in Stranded Deep and what to use them on.

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Where do you get Barrels in Stranded Deep?

Barrels in Stranded Deep can be one of the harder items to find in the wild. While you may run into various structures that look like one, there is only one you can actually interact with; the rest are stationary environment pieces. The Barrels you want are located on the back part of shipwrecks. They will be chained together in a group of three, so you need to let them loose with a Knife or other sharp tool. After you strike them a few times, they will float to the top if underwater.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unfortunately, unlike Buoy Balls, which are found similarly, Barrels can not be placed in your inventory. To move them around, you will have to drag them to where you want them. Hold L2/LT to move them on PlayStation and Xbox, or right-click on PC. This means you will have to put them on a raft to transport them between islands safely.

Barrels can be used on two things in Stranded Deep. If you drag them near a Camp Fire with a Fire Pit on it, you can craft a Hobo Stove. If there is a Fire Spit on it, you must take it down first. The Hobo Stove cooks meat when you drag it on top of it rather than interacting with it like other cooking stations.

If you use one of the Barrels on the Hobo Stove, you won’t be able to use that group of Barrels on a portion of the Raft Base. You need three to make one of these floating portions, so be sure you are committed to either side before you go and craft them.