How to heal in Stranded Deep

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There are all kinds of things in Stranded Deep that can lower your health. Running low on food and water can sap away your life force when you are starving and dehydrated, you can be attacked by various sea creatures, or a simple accident can happen that harms you. If you are getting low on health, you need to turn things around quickly. Here is how to heal yourself in Stranded Deep.

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How to regain health in Stranded Deep

Luckily, healing yourself in Stranded Deep is pretty straightforward and quick, considering the kind of survival game it is. If you look at your watch and see your life meter is low, you should first go over to see if you have any status effects. If you are poisoned, have a broken bone, or have any other negative effect on you, take care of it quickly. When all of those are gone, all you need to do is fill up your hunger and thirst meters to at least four bars each.

When you have no status effects and are properly fed and not thirsty, your health will slowly begin to return to you. It isn’t something that instantly restores you to full health, and using a Bandage on yourself won’t have any effect outside of stopping you from bleeding, but as long as you aren’t attacked or hurt in any way, you will be on the road to good health again.

If you are struggling to get your hunger and thirst meters filled, there are some decent ways to regain those areas. For thirst, we recommend building a Water Still. They will automatically refill when it rains, or you can put Palm Fronds and Fibrous Leaves under them to manually get more water. You can also transport water in flasks from these.

To get some food quickly, we recommend knocking down Coconuts and striking them with a Refined Knife until they split in two. Outside of that, you can also create a Fishing Spear and go grabbing fish. For the larger meat, look out for Archer Fish. These give Medium Meat, which will fill you up faster when you cook them.