How to heal in Stranded Deep

Physician, heal thyself.

In Stranded Deep you will be doing your best to survive after a plane crash. Islands are your new home, and the creatures of the sea and the harsh elements are your new elements. You are likely to get hurt, a lot, and if you want to survive you will need to know how to heal yourself.

There are no magic bandages made from leaves in Stranded Deep, so if you want to recover your health you will need to do it just like in real life. Thankfully, it all happens at an accelerated rate.

The two keys to healing in Stranded Deep are your hunger and thirst meters. You can check the levels by looking at your survival wristwatch. Hunger will be marked by a symbol that looks like a piece of ham, while thirst will be marked by a drop of water.

To heal, you need both of these to be above four bars. Eating food will increase your food meter while drinking clean water will increase your water meter. If you are looking for a good source of ready to drink water, we would suggest building a still.

When both meters are above four blocks, you will be able to slowly heal and regain your health meter, which is denoted by the heart symbol. It basically works that same way as your body works in real life. Calories and water are what we all need to heal up from any injuries incurred in real life.

The only time this won’t work if you are afflicted with some kind of negative effect. Being poisoned, or suffering sunstroke, can both stop you from healing, and you will need to find a way to deal with those before you will be able to regain your health.