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How to find enemies in Hogwarts Legacy

Where to go if you're looking for a fight.

Oftentimes in Hogwarts Legacy when you’re looking for a fight, you’re looking for a fight with a particular type of enemy, usually because that enemy drops a specific crafting material you need for some reason. But there are also objectives that require you to damage enemies in a particular way, but that do not specify what type of enemy. So, you just end wandering around intent on completing the objective next time you run into an enemy.

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It’s when you’re doing this that you are guaranteed not to bump into any enemies for ages. This is because as open-world RPG environments go, Hogwarts Legacy is actually pretty safe, especially in the region immediately surrounding the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry itself. Occasionally, you do meet wandering monsters and bandits, but if you’re looking to encounter groups of relatively weak enemies, then it’s generally better that you go to them, rather than wait for them to come to you.

Where to fight enemies in Hogwarts Legacy

One option is, of course, to go on a dungeon quest of some kind, as these are usually populated by lots of enemies. But then, most dungeon quests are main story quests, and these are often level-locked, so this isn’t always an option. Fortunately, there are other locations where you can reliably find high concentrations of enemies.

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The best place to find and fight enemies is in Bandit Camps. These are marked on the map by tent icons, and the more tents, the more enemies you’ll find there. These enemies will usually either be Ashwinders or Poachers, but are sometimes goblin Loyalists.

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Groups of Poachers can also sometimes be found at animal dens, which are marked by paw icons on the map.

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Goblin Loyalist enemies can be found wandering around in small groups in areas that are a long way from (mostly) human settlements. But to find large numbers of goblin Loyalist enemies, you need to find one of their camps. These are marked by the same icon as other camps, but are usually found in mountainous mining areas. For example, there’s one near the northeast edge of the map between North Ford Bog and Upper Hogsfield.

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Venomous and Thornback spider enemies can, predictably enough, be found in Spider Lairs. These are marked on the map by triangular spider’s web icons, and there are lots of them in and around the Forbidden Forest.

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