How to stun enemies in Hogwarts Legacy

Defend against any incoming attacks.

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Stunning enemies in Hogwarts Legacy can be tricky. You need to get the timing correct for your counterspell to knock them out of their animation correctly. The first opportunity you have to practice this stun mechanic is when you’re visiting the ancient vault in Gringotts, and you have to battle against the armored statues attacking you and Professor Fig. Here’s what you need to know about how to stun enemies in Hogwarts Legacy.

How stunning enemies work in Hogwarts Legacy

The key to effectively stun an enemy in Hogwarts Legacy is to cast the Protego spell, the basic counterspell you learn at the start of the game. You can quickly hit this key to protect against incoming damage, granted you land it before the attack hits your character. If you defend yourself, you’ll be able to block any damage and react with a proper spell.

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What is the control to stun enemies in Hogwarts Legacy

When you want to stun a target, you need to hold down the Protego spell, creating a shield around your character and holding the button down. While holding the Protego spell up, if an enemy attacks you, your character will react with the Stupefy spell, stunning them. The target will remain stunned for a short time, giving you a chance to hit them with your basic attack or any other spells you have in your spell slots. The Protego spell and Stupefy are always available to you throughout your playthrough of Hogwarts Legacy, and you have access to your wand.

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While an enemy is stunned, they also take more damage for your attacks. It’s a good idea when fighting against multiple targets to use the Stupefy charm against one target before focusing on the other. Regardless of what enemy hits, your character will use the Stupefy spell on whatever target you have locked onto during a battle.