How to find rare item tokens in Runescape

Grab some rare currency and trade it for the stuff you’ve been eyeing up

Image via Jagex

Rare item tokens in Runescape are, as you would expect, a rare find throughout the game. They can be found as a drop, they can be sold through a specific merchant, and you can find them through an event.

Drop sources for rare item tokens

  • Umbral chest: Opening an umbral chest has the chance to yield 4,000 rare item tokens. These chests are obtained through a promotion between Prime Gaming and Runescape, and you’ll have to link your accounts to make the chests appear.
  • Antique chest: Looting an antique chest, received during the Buried Treasure promotion, will give you a guaranteed 100 rare item tokens, but only if you have completed the Queen’s Guard or Dragon ceremonial outfits. Otherwise, you’ll find a piece of either outfit in the chest, and you’ll need to open another one when your set is finished.
  • Piñata loot bag: If another player puts down a normal piñata loot bag, it may contain 500 rare item tokens.
  • Motherlode Maw: You’ll need to be at least level 115 to get inside the Motherlode Maw, located in the Edimmu dungeon. You can draw a random treasure every day if you have level 95 in all non-elite skills, and the treasure could give you anywhere from 129 to 321 rare item tokens.

Where to spend rare item tokens

Once you have acquired some rare item tokens, click on the icon of the token inside your inventory. This will open up a special shop with exclusive items, costing anywhere from 1,200 to 7,000 tokens.