How to find Red Door locations and how they work in Call of Duty: Warzone

The bouncing Red Doors.

Call of Duty: Warzone Red Door

Image via Activision

The mysteries in Call of Duty: Warzone continue with the addition of Red Doors, and you can find these locations in Verdansk. We’ve already had it confirmed that these Red Doors would serve as a fast travel system for Warzone, but what else do they do, and can you properly locate them in the game?

How to find Red Door locations

So far, the Red Doors in Call of Duty: Warzone appear to spawn randomly on the map. We initially found our first one over by the Summit and looked there again to discover it was not there. They likely show up at a location once and then disappear.

We knew we were getting close to the one by the sounds of distinct echoes and vibrations. Because the Red Doors randomly spawn into the game, you want to make sure to have your volume turned up to find them quickly. We only discovered one in a match.

How the Red Doors work

When we approached the door, we sucked right in, and we saw the many numbers and symbols you might recognize from Call of Duty: Black Ops when Mason was being interrogated and trying to share what the symbols and numbers meant. When you reach the other side, you show up at a different location on the map, and there’s a chair there similar to the one you see at the Gulag. Luckily, several legendary crates surround you, providing you some excellent loot and weapons for the rest of your Warzone game.

It does not look like you can control where the Red Doors teleport you.