How to have villagers be roommates in Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise

Villagers don’t have to live along while on vacation.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Happy Home Paradise DLC for Animal Crossing New Horizons gives you the chance to design vacation homes for some of your favorite villagers. Villagers will be lining up left and right to have you design their homes across the beautiful island chain. Some villagers, however, aren’t just looking to live alone. Some are looking for roommates. It’s time to play matchmaker.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you have designed homes for a while, Niko will enter the office building with one of the villagers. It turns out they are tired of living alone and want you to find them a roommate. This also involves giving their home a remodel, so be prepared. Of course, Lottie thinks this is a good idea and so it is time for you to find them a roommate. Head outside and track down a villager that you think will compliment them.

After pairing the villager up with another, you will design their new home. Once that is complete, Lottie will say that more villagers will want roommates. This will help clear up some space around the island chain and make room for more vacationers.

Head to one of your villagers’ homes and talk with them. Ask them how they are liking their home and that will give you the opportunity to mention finding them a roommate. You will be able to find a roommate for the villager around the island or you can use the amiibo scanner in the office to bring one in.