How to find the 3D printer in Sons of the Forest

What do you plan to make to help you to survive?

The 3D printer is an extremely useful item in Sons of the Forest, and you’ll want to revisit it often to make sure you’re creating useful supplies during your adventure. Finding it can be tricky, and it’s slightly hidden from you on the map, preventing you from going out of your way to discovering it. The location is well hidden, but you can track it down using your map. Here’s what you need to know about how to find the 3D printer in Sons of the Forest.

Where to find the 3D printer in Sons of the Forest

There are currently multiple locations where you can find a 3D printer. You can find one further in on the island, deeper in the forest on the western side. It will be to the west of the snow mountain, away from the purple icons on your map.

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When you arrive at the location, search around the rocks to find a cave. You should be able to enter this cave, and when you reach the end of it, you’ll find the 3D printer. You can interact with the printer to begin using it to create arrows, a sled, and other helpful items. You will need printer resin to craft items during your game, which means exploring the island to find more of it.

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We recommend placing a home at this location and using it as a small base to help you secure early-game items. Printer resin will be difficult, so you’ll want to ensure you’re only using the 3D printer if you absolutely need the item and can’t craft it yourself.

A second location on the island houses another 3D printer. This one is found towards the northwestern side of the map along one of the rivers. This is the same place where you can find the maintenance card.

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