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How to find the Artisan Consortium vendor in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Start the crafting grind.

The endless MMO has brought a heft of changes with the expansion, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Along with this expansion, as is tradition, comes new rep grinds to max out for unique rewards to show off your prowess while adventuring across Azeroth, but some rep grinds have a bit more to offer than usual. The Artisan Consortium of the Dragon Isles is directly tied into the massively reworked crafting system of World of Warcraft, and crafters are going to want to get familiar with this faction as soon as possible — here’s where to find them.

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Where to find the Artisan Consortium vendors

Artisan Consortium vendors are actually sprawled across the Dragon Isles, but the primary facet of this guild is found within Valdrakken, the primary city of the Dragonflight expansion. You can find the primary quartermaster of the Artisan Consortium, Rabul, on the southwestern side of the city, near the Crafting Orders vendor Clerk Scaravelle. The guild master waypoint inside Valdrakken is 35.39, 59.10.

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Interacting with Rabul is going to be your primary means of using Artisan Mettle, offering a host of new recipes for various crafting disciplines to help eke out a few coins by trading with other players.

How to get new Dragonflight crafting recipes

One of the most reliable means of earning new crafting recipes for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is found at Artisan Consortium vendors. In order to use Artisan Consortium vendors, you’ll need to stockpile a bit of Artisan Mettle, then interact with the Quartermaster Rabul to bring up the shop. This notably isn’t the only way, however, to get new Dragonflight crafting recipes. High-end recipes can drop from Dragonflight dungeons and raid mobs, as well, although it’s at a very low chance.

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