The best way to grind Tailoring levels in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Crafting is all about efficiency.

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With the numerous changes to Professions in Dragonflight, none are as important as the changes to leveling. Players can no longer grind out the highest-leveled craft in their crafting log to reach maximum level — now players have to worry about Specialization Points and Work Orders. Here’s the best way to grind Tailoring levels in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

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Best leveling method for Tailoring in WoW: Dragonflight

Tailoring has a hard cap of 100 for levels but a soft cap of around 55 for practical purposes — trainers stop giving you new recipes at 55, instead requiring you to engage with the “Work Order” system to level further. Getting to 55 isn’t too hard, though, but we recommend dipping into the Cloth Collection sub-specialization of Tailoring Mastery, to increase your cloth drops.

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For the first ten levels, we recommend simply Unraveling your Decayed, Tattered, Frostbitten, or Singed Wildercloth. Do not Unravel regular Wildercloth. Most recipes require Wildercloth as a base material, but the variants listed above are not needed for anything and can be Unraveled at will. From levels 11-30, you should craft Wildercloth Bolt, which will come in handy for later crafts.

From 31-40, Vibrant Wildercloth Bolts will be your crafting focus. You’ll need some materials from Enchanters, specifically Vibrant Shards — one per craft. From 41-46, create Surveyor’s Seasoned Shoulders, which are entry-level 70 cloth shoulders. If you’re a cloth class, keep a pair for yourself and sell the rest. From 47-50, Abrasive Polishing Cloth is the way to go, and from 50-55, Vibrant Spellthread to finish your leveling.