How to find the bike parts in Sable

Start your journey, despite a forgetful mechanic.

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Sable is a coming-of-age tale as the main character discovers the world around them. Heralded as a Glider, you must first construct your bike to begin your journey after childhood, thanks to a forgetful mechanic.

Sizo first instructs you to go find three different objects that can be scrapped from different areas of the map surrounding the village: the Atomic Calibrator, Control Panel, and Power Supply. The first spot you can go to is a wrecked ship that crash-landed on the planet. West of the village, you’ll find a ship hidden behind some rocks.

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You can listen to an audio file on the main deck. To your dismay, you won’t be able to find the part you need. Walk out of the ship, and a cutscene will play. You’ll soon discover an annoying child has taken it and won’t give it back to you unless you find them some beetles. Go back to the main town to investigate where you can find some of these bugs.

If you talk to Jadi, the elder you first spoke to in front of the tents, you’ll find out that the pesky child has set up a base underneath the village after asking her where the little miscreant hides out. Get off the village’s hill and walk around the undersection of the rock. If you see a wooden bridge above you, you’re in the right spot. You’ll find a square opening that you can walk through. Behind a scarab-like statue, you can find red dye for your bike, but if you look on the left, you’ll see some moss overhanging a secret passage. Crawl by pressing the left analog stick to find the Atomic Compensator you’ve been looking for.

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Going slightly southwest of the village will take you to some taller cliffs. On your way there, you’ll see a ship’s wing laid on top of a cliff face. This is where you want to go. Once you’ve reached the brown rockface, start climbing it, watching your stamina like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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You’ll need to make a few jumps, so use your gliding ability when needed and climb the rest of the way up on the other side of the jump. Remember, you can glide by pressing A twice like a double jump in a typical 3D platformer and then holding the button. Once you’re at the top of the mountain, there’s a big jump. Use your glide to get over with ease. The bike part you need is in a tunnel behind the wing.

For the third and final part, you’ll need to go to the dam, east of the village. Once you get there, climb the blue ladder on the right and get to the top. You’ll see a contraption and a lever. Pull the lever to open up more of the location.

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With your recently found gliding ability, soar on over to the new area. Keep running forward and drop down to see a blue building in front of you. It sorely needs electricity, so you can open the locked gate. On the left, you’ll see a battery on the ground.

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Pick it up and put it into the power socket. The gate will then burst open. During our playthrough, the prompt to grab the battery didn’t show. If this occurs, restart the game and play from the auto-save; it shouldn’t take you back that far. Enter inside, and on your left, you’ll find the Control Panel.

Once you’ve found the parts, return to Sizo in the village. They’re on top of the tower where the quest was given to you at first. Once you speak to Sizo, you’ll then be sent to the workshop to install all the bike parts you have collected. Now that the bike is finished, go to talk to Jada to finalize the Gliding ceremony.