How to find the code for the safe in a cave beneath Aleksis’ mansion in Updaam in Deathloop – All code locations

Crack the code.

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In Updaam, you can find a small cave underneath Aleksis’ Mansion where there will be safe in Deathloop. The safe is locked behind a passcode that requires three sets of three digits codes. The numbers for those codes are scattered all over Updaam, and you’re going to need to use the map next to the safe to find the locations for each set. Here’s where you need to go to find all locations for the codes and unlock the safe.

There are three triangles you need to use to find each number location. They’re to the right of the map that you’re going to use, inside the cave. You’re going to want to try to find these numbers when it’s noon.

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First code

The three-digit code for the first combination can be found in front of the library. Our number was a five.

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The second number can be in front of Charlie’s mansion, the Condition Detachment before you enter the area. Our number was a one.

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The third code is in the alleyway in front of the library, behind the gate, with the note that reads ‘Sparky Please.’ Our number was a two.

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You want to input the alleyway number, the library number, and the Condition Detachment number. For us, that would look like 251.

Second code

The next three-digit is the triangle facing downwards. The first code can be found in front of the library, and you should already know that one. Again, our number was a five.

There’s another underneath the large archway on the southern point of Updamm. Our number was a two.

The last one is to the left of Otto’s Workshop, in the middle of the street close to where the safe could be found. Our number was a seven.

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For use, the correct combination was the one outside Otto’s workshop, the archway, and the library, so it was 725.

Third code

The last three-digit code will be the triangle facing up and to the right. The first two codes are the one from the library, and the second is the archway. The only one you don’t know should be the one with a skull, and you can find that on the buildings opposite Aleksis’ mansion, in the street. Our number was a three.

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Once you have the last number, return to the safe, and the correct order for us was 532. After you successfully answer all of the codes correctly, you’ll always have access to that safe, which contains a flask full of Residuum. You can only be that safe during every loop moving forward.