How to find the Construct Supply Key and get Anima in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

One person’s trash is another’s Anima.

Image via Blizzard

Few things are as precious as Anima in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. You need it to upgrade your Sanctum, open up the Covenant Transport Network, and feed the Anima Conductor. World quests and rare enemies offer up the chance to gain more Anima, but there are also many chests available with Anima bounties each day.

One of these chests is located in Maldraxxus, and it’s opened with the Construct Supply Key. The chest is located at 38.8, 41.9, inside the Spearhead zone. There are three possible enemies in the area that can drop the Construct Supply Key: Thalrix the Slicer, Grabber Ga’shock, and Pilfer Bur’tok. Thalrix is the most likely to drop the key, with a 28% chance, while Burtok and Ga’shock have respective 20% and 19% possibilities.

You won’t see the Construct Supply Chest until you have the key in your bags, so if you’re in a group and only one of you has the key, you’ll understand why it’s invisible to the rest of the party. The chest sits on top of a transport vehicle, although it’s not necessary for you to get up on the platform to open it. If you wedge yourself between one of the wheels and the wagon, you can obtain its contents while still on the ground.

If you find Soulcatching Sludge, Unlabeled Culture Jars, Maldraxxi Armor Scraps, or Weeping Corpseshroom, you’ve gained some Anima from the chest. You’ll also get a chunk of gold, and a junk item or two that can be sold.