How to find the Fairy Dust recipe and how to make it in Stardew Valley

It’s extremely useful.

Ginger Island is a new location in Stardew Valley introduced in update 1.5. The island provides players the capacity to acquire new livestock to their farm, along with a variety of fruits and crops, like pineapples, mangos, and bananas. For players who have played for a long time, you’re likely familiar with how long some items can take to craft. Fairy Dust makes it, so these items are instantly available to you, so you won’t have to wait for them to finish brewing.

The recipe is not something you can pick up from a vendor or find from leveling a particular skill. Instead, you can only learn the recipe by completing the quest The Pirate’s Wife. It starts out by meeting Birdie, who is on the west side of Ginger Island. You need to pay 10 golden walnuts to the bird in front of a turtle, which then forces it to move. This is the area where you’ll find Birdie, who is fishing alongside the shore. She’ll give you a War Memento, and that will be the first item you need to take back to the residents of Stardew Valley.

After you’ve completed the quest, Birdie teaches you the recipe and you’ll be able to make it forever. These are all of the ingredients you need to make a pouch of Fairy Dust.

  • One diamond
  • One Fairy Rose

The diamond is an item you can have made on your farm if you have the Crystalarium or have it drop out of higher tier monsters. Many of the creatures you find in the volcano on Ginger Island can potentially have them, so farming this location is a good idea. As for the fairy rose, you can obtain this by purchasing the seeds from Pierre’s Store, the Night Market, the Traveling Cart, or from placing the seeds in a Seed Maker.

Once you have those two items, you can use Fairy Dust on any brewing item on your farm that you’d traditionally have to wait for.