How to find the Gate in Monark

The conclusion to a critical campaign relies on concocting a conclusion to this complication.

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At the end of Act 2, you will finally have reassembled your team and set out to solve the mysteries of the Academy once and for all. There’s only one problem — the Gate necessary to proceed isn’t detailed anywhere for you to find. You only have a handful of clues from your teammates in the True Student Council, so if you’re stuck, here’s how to find the Gate in Monark.

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We’ll drip-feed you hints so that if you want to try and puzzle it out yourself, you can. The two largest hints come from Ryotaro and Shinya — Ryotaro states that “If there’s a way to get to the gate in the Otherworld from THIS plane…it could be related to our usual ways into the Otherworld. You feel me?” while Shinya states that “Maybe the Sign itself is some kind of key to the Otherworld…” Nozomi and Kokoro also have useful hints, in that you aren’t sure what the symbols are, but there’s about nine or ten of them — and they could be Japanese characters, Latin, or even numbers.

Using the above clues, you can guess that the only way to reach the Gate is the same way you’ve entered the Otherworld all the other times — via your phone. That leaves the question of which numbers or symbols to use and how to find them. Unfortunately, this part isn’t detailed or even hinted at anywhere in the game. You have to be observant — everything you need to access the Gate you already have. If you look closely at the two screenshots in this article, you can spot the difference between them for the solution.

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The Solution

Look at the top part of the UI for your phone. You should see some strange symbols extending leftward from your Wi-Fi signal. You may not have noticed it, but these symbols grew after every Monark you’ve defeated so far. They are stylized in such a way to obfuscate their true purpose, which is opening a portal to the Gate. The code is 85*8029886. Be prepared before you enter this code; however — a tough fight awaits you on the other side.