How to find the light gun shooter in Lost Judgment

Don’t miss Kamuro of the Dead’s successor.

Lost Judgment

Screenshot by Gamepur

Kamuro of the Dead was one of the most interesting distractions from the original Judgement. While every other arcade game in Judgment and the Yakuza franchise were emulated versions of existing titles in Sega’s back catalog, Kamuro of the Dead was a unique light gun shooter created specifically for Judgment. Lost Judgment returns to this idea with a successor titled Hama of the Dead. Just as with the first game, this is the only unique property among a sea of emulated classic Sega titles.

It’s not immediately accessible, because the story begins in Kamurocho. Throughout Lost Judgment’s narrative, you’ll travel back and forth between Kamurocho and Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s Ijincho. After the first handful of hours, Yagami and Kaito are tasked with helping Suguira and Tsukumo out with their newly established detective agency in Ijincho.

After gaining access to the new location, you can find Hama of the Dead at Club Sega. It’s situated near the uppermost right corner of the map in Chinatown just before reaching Hamakita Park Avenue. In a similar fashion to the original game, there are five stages that are meant to be played in one continuous session as it tracks your score across the whole game. However, players that fail can choose to restart at the most recently completed stage, which will lead to a lower overall score upon completion.

Lost Judgment