How to find the Map-o-Matic in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Treasure hunter.

Image via Insomniac

The Map-o-Matic is an incredibly useful device in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, especially for people who are hunting down collectibles. The Map-o-Matic will shot the locations of Gold Bolts, Raritanium, and other treasures in the game, making tracking them all down much easier for players looking to complete all the trophies.

The only item they will not show on the map are the secret CraiggerBear collectibles. This makes it a pretty essential item when it comes to making your life easier in the game.

To get the Map-o-Matic, players will need to wait until they visit Ardolis, which won’t happen until near the end of the game. Players will need to complete an optional mission called “Treasure Hunt” that can be found on the planet. For the most part, the best thing to do is just head to Ardolis as part of the story, finish up the story mission there, and then take care of the Treasure Hunt mission. There are some mild spoilers ahead for anyone who prefers to avoid them.

Spoilers ahead

The reason players will need to visit Ardolis is to find Captain Quantum, the version of Captain Quark that exists in this universe. After locating him, they will be returned to the ship. Don’t leave the planet, and instead use the nearby teleporter to make your way to Plunder Marketplace, and get ready to take on some pirates.

Use a nearby grapple point to make your way to a pirate ship, take out the crew, and then climb up the mast to get to a second ship docked at a building. Head inside the build and take out all the enemies you find inside, then take the elevator. You will need to take out a few more enemies and then you’ll get access to a chest that contains the Map-o-Matic.