How to find the Sanguis Virginis wine bottle for the silver flower bottle stand in Resident Evil Village

The sweetest wine.

After you’ve escaped from Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters, you’ll be left to your own devices in the castle, meant to survive on your own and find Ethan’s daughter, rose. When you reach the second floor of the building, one of the first things you find is a wine room with a silver flower bottle stand. You need to find a wine bottle called the Sanguis Virginis, a special wine the Dimitrescu family has made for hundreds of years.

You don’t have to go poking around for it too much. You can find it shortly after you’ve been chased by one of the sisters down through the basement. Proceed through the basement, eliminate the zombies, and the sister will return, attempting to chase after you. She will eventually catch you, but at a price.

In this cutscene, you’ll discover that the sisters are weak to bullets when exposed to light. Shoot out the second window in the room, and blast away at the sister using your pistol and shotgun. Once she’s eliminated and you’ve grabbed the crystal torso from her bottle, proceed through the next room. There you will find the wine bottle called the Sanguis Virginis, and upon further inspection, you’ll discover it has an intricate flower design on it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll need to take it back to the second floor and place it on the bottle stand. We recommend you save on the way there since you’ll be going by a safe area on the main floor. When you put the bottle on the stand, it reveals a hidden backroom you can explore and advance Resident Evil Village.