How to find the secret in Blue Dog Hollow and earn the Easily Mist achievement/trophy in Back 4 Blood

It’s lost out in the woods all alone.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Blue Dog Hollow is a large forest area in Back 4 Blood that will have you running into plenty of Ridden along the way. Also, the area is being blanketed in a heavy fog, so have fun with that. That being said, if you can cut your way through the mist, you can find another golden skull trophy and earn the Easily Mist achievement or trophy. Here is where to find it.

To find the Blue Dog Hollow secret, you need to be playing on Hell’s Bells. In this mission, you go through many narrow paths in the forest to find shelter in a church. With a deep fog over everything, this might be a little tough to explain the secret’s location, but here we go.

The secret is located about halfway to three-quarters of the way through this level. When you start, you will be in an RV and fight your way through a tunnel and then fight a horde as you pull over a trailer to proceed. On the other side of that trailer, you will drop into a tunnel of wreckage with cars and fire and then back into a wilderness area with deep fog. Continue, and you will come to a trench that has two pathways. Choose either one; they come out at the same point. Now it’s time to be on the lookout.

Move forward through the fog, and you will be in the Hag’s area. Choose to avoid it or fight it. Either way, you will want to keep a lookout for this formation of rocks with trees on top.

Screenshot by Gamepur

It will be in the middle of the path; you went too far if you run into the small building with supplies in it. Climb up it, and the statue is on the top near the other side of the formation in some bushes.