How to find the secret in Plan B and earn the Dangerous To Go Alone achievement/trophy in Back 4 Blood

Is it even a video game if there isn’t a secret behind a waterfall?

Screenshot by Gamepur

For a long time, waterfalls have been the gateways to many secrets in video games. They are too perfect to avoid. With the rushing water acting as a wall blocking the view into what’s behind it, you can hide so many things back there. Back 4 Blood takes this classic trope and brings it into their game in Act 2, Plan B. Here is how to find this secret and earn the Dangerous To Go Alone achievement or trophy.

To find the Plan B secret, you will need to be playing the mission called Hinterland. Luckily, this secret is very early in the mission, so it won’t take much effort to grab.

When you leave the safe room, you will be in a small stream area. As you follow the path, you will drop down into a trench. Before you go too far, though, be sure to pay attention for the waterfall.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Follow the path and safely dropdown. If you have a Boss Slayer challenge, be careful because a Breaker can spawn down here. When done dealing with any bosses, go to the waterfall, and you will notice the golden skull trophy taking a shower. Interact with it to complete this accomplishment.