How to find the secret in The Armory and earn the Cooped Up achievement/trophy in Back 4 Blood

Were they trying to train this one?

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In Back 4 Blood, there are golden skull trophies hidden in specific levels denoted as secrets. Finding them and interacting with them will unlock an in-game Accomplishment, as well as an achievement or trophy. One of these secrets can be found in Act 2, The Armory. This is a two-part chapter in the campaign, and finding this trophy won’t take too much effort. Here is where to find it.

To find the secret in The Armory, load up the first mission, A Call To Arms. When you leave the safe room, you will be in the familiar area just outside Fort Hope. Go down the path, open the gate, and go straight down the road until you can turn right down an alley. This is the same alley you saw in Act 1, but now one portion has been boarded off, and you can access a parking garage.

Inside the parking garage, you will need to climb a few levels and destroy some Nodes. After fighting your way through, you will come out through a hole in the wall and be in a new neighborhood.

To find the secret, drop down to the right and go into the backyard. You might find some supplies along this back area, but keep going until you reach the backyard of the red house. Go to the cage along the fence to the right, and you can interact with the trophy inside.

Screenshot by Gamepur