How to find the secret on Inner Lair: The Nursery in Back 4 Blood Tunnels of Terror

Grab this one early.

Image via Warner Bros. Games

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Searching for the many secrets in Back 4 Blood will have you going delirious if you cannot find them. Because of the dark environments and the many places where small objects can be hidden, the golden skull trophy collectibles can be difficult to locate. The Inner Lair Ridden Hive level The Nursery is one of the smallest locations in the game but has these complications. Here is where to find its secret.

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When you leave the safe room in The Nursery, you will slide down into a large room with some loot in the center. The main objective of this area is to blow open the doors and fight whatever is sitting behind them. Before you do any of that, look to the left of the loot pile, and you will see a bridge of tendrils that goes up towards the ceiling. Climb up it, and you will find a golden skull trophy sitting in the wall.

Screenshot by DoubleXP
Screenshot by DoubleXP

We heavily recommend grabbing the secret before your team opens the first door. Once that happens, you will have a horde of Ridden and potentially an Ogre or Breaker to contend with, so grab this early.