All secret golden skull trophy locations in Back 4 Blood

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The golden skull trophies in Back 4 Blood are hidden in dark and hard to find areas. These secrets require a lot of careful observation while fighting Ridden. When found, just interact with the trophy to unlock the in-game accomplishment and achievement or trophy tied with it. Here is every single secret gold skull trophy location in Back 4 Blood.


Port Man Toe?

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The Port Man Toe? secret is located on the ferry between the bridge and the ship on the level The Crossing in Act 1.

Bell Hop

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The Bell Hop trophy can be found in Act 1, Book Worms. After fortifying the library, you make your way to some apartments to save people. The trophy is located behind a desk here.

Pallet Cleanser

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The Pallet Cleanser trophy is located right in front of the safe room in Act 1, Special Delivery. You can find it by climbing on top of the pallets in this small courtyard.

Easily Mist

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The Easily Mist trophy is in Act 1, Hell’s Bells. As you travel through the foggy passageway towards the church, it sits in a bush in the middle of the pathway.

Cooped Up

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The Cooped Up trophy is located in a chicken coop in Act 2, A Call to Arms. Before climbing the house after leaving the parking garage, check the backyard.

Dangerous to go Alone

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The Dangerous to go Alone trophy is in Act 2, Hinterland, located behind a waterfall near the beginning of the level.


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The Cryptozoologist trophy is in the level Grave Danger at the end of Act 2. It is in a mausoleum in the graveyard next to a stuffed turtle.

Night of the Living Hedge

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The Night of the Living Hedge trophy can be found at the end of Act 3, Garden Party. Before leaving the hedge maze to the safe room, go to the last portion, where it is sitting in a vase.

Extra Credit

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The Extra Credit trophy is inside a tent on the school’s roof in Act 3, Making the Grade.

Mind Your Step

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The Mind Your Step trophy is located in the third portion of the boss fight with The Abomination. It can be found in the wall of one of the tendrils holding up a bridge.

Ridden Hives (only accessible via Tunnels of Terror expansion)

300 Below

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The 300 Below trophy is located in front of a giant wheel on the bottom floor opposite of the exit.

Blood Stream

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This trophy can be found after taking the first water slide down, then turn left and climb up a passageway to find it in the corner of a new room.

Brood Lair

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The Brood Lair trophy is near the beginning of the level, but you will need to climb onto the tendrils on the next floor to access it.

Caustic Cesspool

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The Caustic Cesspool secret is located just after the first exit for the level. Go down the water slide and turn around to the left to find some red webbing you can crouch under. Follow the tunnel to go back up to the beginning of the slide and find the trophy sitting on the ledge under a waterfall.

Inner Lair: The Nursery

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The Inner Lair: The Nursery trophy is located in the wall of a tendril bridge near the pile of loot when you slide down into the level.

Sunken Passage

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When entering the Sunken Passage level, take the first tunnelway on the left. Follow the passage until it opens up and turn left again to find a room with an orange glow in it. Climb up the rocks on the right to find the trophy above the entrance.

The Cut

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The Cut’s trophy is located near the end of the level after the two exits. It is located on the side of the ramp in a large room with a large pit.