How to Find Your Ship in Sea of Thieves


Sea of Thieves is all about sailing and since you’re a pirate; your ship is the most important thing in Sea of Thieves, next to treasure of course. If you find yourself without your ship don’t panic, because we have you covered on how you can find it.

Docked In Port

When you first start Sea of Thieves, you’ll find yourself in a bar on one of the many outposts. This is the beginning point for all pirates that choose to start on their own or load up with their crew for the first time. Your ship will be anchored in port waiting for the grand adventure that lies ahead.

The Mermaid

How to Find Your Ship in Sea of Thieves
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In tales of pirate adventure, mermaids aren’t usually that friendly. In fact, mermaids were known to lure pirates to a watery grave. You don’t have to worry about that in Sea of Thieves, because the mermaid here is on your side.

If you happened to get stranded on an island, because the rest of your crew thought it would be funny to maroon you (this will happen to some), or if your ship gets destroyed by another band of pirates, you run in to rocks and sink, you forget to put your anchor down, or you shoot yourself out of the canon, you will be able to get your ship back with little effort.

The first thing you’ll want to find is bubbles coming from the water. This is much easier to see at night since it is accompanied by green glow. As you get closer to the mermaid, you will also start to hear music. Once you swim out to the mermaid, just press the appropriate button and you will be transported back to your ship.

Respawn After Death

After meeting your demise and spending a little bit of time on the Ferry of the Damned, a door will open that will take you back to the world of the living. In some games, you respawn back to your last checkpoint, but in Sea of Thieves, you respawn back on your ship. This makes dying a little less painful, as you don’t have to worry about finding it.

There are a few ways you can find your ship in Sea of Thieves and get back to sailing in no time. Just remember that your ship will be in docked in port when beginning a new game, the mermaid is your best friend if you happen to lose your ship, and you will respawn on your ship if you happen to pass through Davy Jones’ Locker. Check out all of our guides in our Sea of Thieves Guide Hub for all your pirate needs.