How to Fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It’s not hard.

Image via Nintendo

Fishing is a cornerstone of any Animal Crossing game, so of course, it was going to appear in New Horizons.

Fishing is an excellent way of not only making money but feeling like you are making some progress towards the game by donating said Fish to the Museum to gaze at the wonders of the world. But how exactly do you fish in-game? Well, it is quite easy.

To Fish, you must first get a Fishing Rod, which will require you to craft one using Branches and other materials scattered across your island. Once you have a fishing rod in your possession, equip it and head to a body of water until you come across a black silhouette moving around in the sea, river, or various ponds that litter your island.

You need to aim the Fishing Rod so that the bobber lands in front of the silhouette’s line of sight when pressing the A button. Once it does, it’ll move towards the bobber, and you will need to wait to reel in your catch. The fish will nip at the bobber for some time, but only when the bobber is submerged underwater should you press A to reel it in, successfully finishing the action.

Should you do it right, you should have a brand new creature to show off to all your animal friends!