How to fish in Sea of Thieves

Catching fish is a totally optional, but fun and lucrative, side activity in Sea of Thieves. Here’s how to do it.

Sea of Thieves How to Fish

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As you might expect from a game all about sailing the open water, fishing plays a big part in Sea of Thieves. While it’s not strictly necessary if you’re just looking to find treasure and bash skeletons, it can be a good source of money or just a way to pass the time on long voyages.

Fishing in Sea of Thieves can be a bit trickier than it is in some games, but the rewards are well worth it, and it’s easy enough to get the hang of once you know what you’re doing.

How to fish in Sea of Thieves

To start fishing in Sea of Thieves, open your equipment menu and click over to the second page, where you’ll find your fishing rod. Select the rod and your character will equip it. Now you have two options: You can either start fishing just with the rod, or you can equip bait.

Using bait isn’t necessary, but it can help you catch specific types of fish depending on which type of bait you use. If you want to equip a piece of bait, open the equipment menu with the fishing rod equipped, and the bait option will appear, which takes you to another menu where you can choose the specific type of bait.

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Once you have your bait equipped or you’re ready to fish without it, just cast your line into the water (with RT on Xbox One and right click on PC) and wait for a fish to appear. Once a fish grabs the hook, the fishing minigame begins.

The point of the game is to tire the fish out by pulling your line against the direction the fish is pulling, then reel it in when it stops. On Xbox One, you use the analog stick to control the line, while on PC, use the A, S, and D keys. The fish will either swim left, right, or down, and you need to pull the opposite direction or your line might break. Be sure not to start reeling the line in while the fish is moving, which will also cause the line to break.

Sea of Thieves Fishing
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When the fish stops moving, reel it in as much as you can using RT on Xbox One or right-click on PC. As soon as the fish starts moving again, stop reeling and go back to pulling your line against the direction of the fish’s movement. After a few rounds of this, you’ll be able to reel in enough to pull the fish out of the water.

What to do with fish in Sea of Thieves

After you’ve caught a fish, you can sell it at any seapost you stop at. Just find the Hunter’s Call member there, who will purchase the fish. To get the most money and experience for your sale, though, you’ll want to cook the fish first. You can cook fish at the stove on your ship or at a cooking fire on any island. Just place the fish into a pan and wait for it to change brown in color, then remove it before it starts burning. Selling a perfectly fried fish will net you the most money and experience possible. Once you’ve cooked a fish, you can also just eat it for a health boost.

You can cast your line pretty much anywhere there’s a body of water in Sea of Thieves. That includes the open sea, ponds on islands, and even off the back of your own ship. Try to experiment with where you fish, as you can catch different species depending on what part of the map you’re in, the surrounding terrain, and even the weather.