How to fix a stuck character in World of Warcraft

Help your character out to get them out of a stuck spot.

Image via Blizzard

You may encounter a handful of issues when attempting to play World of Warcraft. A common issue multiple players encounter is attempting to fix a stuck character. The character might be immobile for several reasons. Here’s what you need to do to fix a stuck character when playing World of Warcraft. How you go about this is different for World of Warcraft and World of Warcraft Classic.

Stuck character in World of Warcraft

When your standard World of Warcraft character is stuck, the best way to solve this issue is by hitting the Esc key on your keyboard and bringing up your menu. From there, go down to the Support option and select the self-service choice. There will be a Stuck Character Service category, and click the Continue button. From here, the game will ask you to verify which of your characters you want to move. Verify the option you want to pick, and that character will teleport to a safe location, hopefully fixing the issue.

If you continue to have further problems with your character remaining immobile, we recommend reaching out to Blizzard’s World of Warcraft support page.

Stuck character in WoW Classic

For those having trouble with a stuck character in World of Warcraft Classic, the process is almost the same, but not exactly. You want to bring up your menu by clicking the Esc option and going to the Help category. From here, choose the Character Stuck! option, and you’ll have the choice to use your Hearthstone or teleport to a Graveyard. You’ll want to select to go to a nearby Graveyard if your Hearthstone is on cooldown, or you would rather not use it.

Similar to World of Warcraft, if you continue to run into any problems of not being able to move your character, reach out to Blizzard’s World of Warcraft support page.