How to fix blurry textures in Death Stranding PC

Here’s how to make your game super sharp.

Death Stranding Screenshot

Death Stranding has just received a great PC port, which allows a whole new audience to experience the latest Hideo Kojima game. The title, coming from PS4, unlocks higher frame rates and resolutions than the original version, offering a Half-Life and Portal crossover on top of a brand new difficulty level, which makes it Very Hard.

While it’s being praised as the definitive edition of an instant classic, with a rather low set of system requirements, the game has little issues that can be easily fixed by checking the proper options and making some changes.

One particular issue is the blurry textures, you can happen to see during the traversal when you get to walk around the desolated environment between grass and rocks in those Iceland-inspired fields.

If you’ve noticed that same as we did, we have good news for you: fixing the blurry textures problem is tremendously easy, and it simply requires you to do a tiny change in the settings on your PC.

Fix blurry textures on Death Stranding PC – Nvidia GPU

Whether you play on Nvidia GPU or AMD GPU, it’s still quick and easy to make some changes to get rid of the blurry textures problem.

Let’s check Nvidia first.

All you’re required to do is right-click on your desktop and select Nvidia Control Panel. Once you do that, go to 3D Settings and then click on Manage 3D Settings.

On the right side, go to the Program Settings tab and choose Death Stranding. Should you not find it there, don’t worry: simply use the Add button and add it in the list on your own.

You’ll find Anisotropic filtering below: change that option to 16x and then click Apply to save your fix. That’s it!

Fix blurry textures on Death Stranding PC – AMD GPU

The fix is basically the same on AMD graphics cards, so let’s check it out.

Go to the AMD Radeon Settings application. Click on Gaming and then Add. From there, you can move to the Death Stranding installation folder and select ds.exe.

Then, click on the game icon in the Radeon Settings window, then choose Anisotropic Filtering Mode and Override application settings.

Under the Anisotropic Filtering Level, select 16x, and that’s it: doing this way, you’ve fixed those blurry textures on your game.