Footage of Hideo Kojima project Overdose leaks, appears to be a mobile horror game

That’s Margaret Qualley all right.

Image via PlayStation

We’ve been hearing about a Hideo Kojima game called Overdose ever since a report surfaced in June of this year. At the time, leaked footage was being passed around a few circles, but the general public hadn’t seen it yet. Now they can.

Most sites have removed the footage, but YouTuber MaDz Gaming still has it up at the time of writing. The two-minute clip lines up with previous reports about the game: we see actress Margaret Qualley (Mama in Death Stranding) wandering around in a blue dress, shining a flashlight. At one point, the player must give the flashlight a few taps to get it working again, and it becomes clear that they’re using a phone’s touch screen to do so. There hasn’t been any mention of Overdose being a mobile game, but it does look like one — mechanically, not graphically. Even with this weird off-screen recording, you can tell the fidelity is quite high.

Curiously, the footage also says “Camera Player 1” at the top, implying some sort of multiplayer aspect of the game. As the video comes to a close, we see a game-over message that shifts to show the name Overdose. We also see the shirtless individual who apparently recorded this leaked footage on their own phone.

Between this footage and other leaked screenshots, we’re starting to get a clearer picture of what Overdose actually is. Hopefully, a proper unveiling isn’t too far away. Considering the relationship between Hideo Kojima and Game Awards producer Geoff Keighley, this year’s show seems like the ideal place to show the game off for real.

We also know that Kojima Productions has more than one game in the pipeline. Kojima made a grand statement about one of them, claiming the experimental project could “turn things around” for both movies and video games. It’s similar to the claim he made about Death Stranding, saying it was the start of a new genre called “strand” games. There might be a sequel coming for that too, according to a slip-up from Norman Reedus.