How to fix error code 0x87DD0006 on Xbox Live

You may have to sit tight.

Xbox Series X

If you’re trying to game online on your Xbox One, in almost every instance, you’ll find that your gaming will be interruption-free, and you can continue your session. However, the chances are that once in a while; you may come across a time when the Xbox Live platform won’t connect, stopping your session in its tracks.

One of the most common error codes to appear is error code 0x87DD0006, where your Xbox or PC game using the Xbox PC app will tell you to visit the Xbox website to confirm the error, though it’s not always clear what the problem is. Being left in the dark is not a great feeling, and even more so when Microsoft doesn’t acknowledge the issue.

However, what is error code 0x87DD0006, and how can you fix it? Well, with the code affecting both the Xbox One and PC platforms, and with games still playable on both platforms, but without access to Xbox Live, the issue is almost certainly a problem on the side of Xbox. This likely means that there is an error on the Xbox servers.

With this being the case, there’s not a real solution to the issue, and unfortunately, the only thing that you can do in this situation would be to wait until the folks at Xbox Live services have fixed the issue.

The best way to check this is to follow the Xbox Live support page on Twitter. Here, they will post updates as to when a resolution is done, and you can continue gaming.