How to fix Halo Infinite challenges not working

Wait until launch day to panic.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta is now live for anyone to download for free. It provides everyone who plays with access to part of the Halo Infinite multiplayer experience for free. You can progress through the first season pass and even get your feet on the ranked ladder. However, it’s not without its problems, such as challenges not registering completion. In this guide, we’ll explain how to fix Halo Infinite challenges not working so you can keep playing and gaining meaningful progression.

Wait until release day

Screenshot by Gamepur

At the time of writing, there’s an issue with challenges registering completion in Halo Infinite. After testing across multiple match types, we’ve found that you’re able to complete a challenge, be it a daily or weekly one, earn the bonus XP it awards for the season pass, yet still see it marked as incomplete in the main challenge screen.

There seems to be an issue with the game registering challenge completions, which means that you can farm XP by completing simple challenges, such as completing a match and continue to earn bonus XP from them long after you shouldn’t be able to. We’ve tried restarting the game and console, and nothing seems to work. The challenges don’t track completion.

It’s likely that this issue will soon be fixed and that challenges will work once again in Halo Infinite, but for now, the only fix we can suggest is waiting for the full release of the game. By then, 343 Industries should have fixed this issue.