How to fix high ping in Valorant

No one likes high ping.


Image via Riot Games

Nobody likes to play a competitive shooter with high ping, especially when they normally have a solid connection to the game servers. It might sound foolish to some, but tournaments are played on LAN for a reason, and ping can be a massive factor for some players out there.

The first thing to do is to understand that ping issues cannot always be fixed. Depending on your internet connection, time of day, and the day of the week, your ping might be a little higher due to a lot of other people using the internet in your area.

You should also check to see if increased ping for players is a known issue at the time that you are experiencing it. If it’s on Valorant‘s servers, you can check out the server status page and check out the Twitter page to see if developer Riot Games has announced any problems that they are looking into.

If you have noticed a dramatic increase in ping and a subsequent reduction in connection quality to the game, then there could even be some ongoing issue with your own internet connection that your ISP needs to resolve.

If your ping is consistently high for every game that you play, then the issue is more than likely your connection, and either a line upgrade or a router upgrade may be required. Depending on where you live, this is potentially resolved by changing your ISP, so make sure you shop around the different services in your area to see who provides the best deal.

The last thing you should check is who else is using the same interconnection as you, and what they are doing. Too much information going in or out of the line will impact your connection to the game but resolving that one good a be a more awkward matter, depending on your household.