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How to fix Hull Depletion in Ixion

In space, no one can hear your station breaking.

A significant part of playing Ixion is to properly balance resources, demands, and the operation of the Tiqqun station. One example of this is the constant deterioration of your hull, which suffers damage from sheer exposure to space, travel, outside conditions, and more. You will constantly have to keep an eye on the state of your hull and repair it — because if the hull breaks, it’s game over. With the hull progressively depleting, it might seem like an impossible task, but there are a few steps you can take to fix that.

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How to fix your hull depleting in Ixion

Your hull will deteriorate no matter what you do as you progress through the game in Ixion. There are ways to alleviate the problem, but you can never truly eliminate it. Keeping your hull repaired requires a constant stream of Alloys sent to your EVA Airlocks, which in turn maintain and repair the hull of Tiqqun.

If you run out of Alloys, building a Steel Mill which converts Iron (Fe) into Alloys is a good idea. As the game progresses, a single EVA Airlock won’t be enough to maintain your hull, so you will have to build more to meet the demands of space travel wear and tear.

Another helpful avenue to consider is improving your hull and its repair capacity through research. There are a few Techs that you can research which can help with hull strength and lower the deterioration rate.

  • Tiqqun Hull research has three tiers:
    • Kinetic Compensation Jacks — Reduces hull damage from impacts.
    • Reinforced Steel Cladding — Reduces hull deterioration while moving.
    • Steel Fiber Patches — Reduces hull deterioration.
  • Engine Modifications research also has three tiers:
    • Stanford Upgrade — Increases travel speed.
    • Post-Lunaclysm Chambering — Increases travel speed.
    • Fraus Tachyon Injector — Increases travel speed.

By increasing travel speed, you lower the damage the hull takes while traveling, which also means you’ll need fewer repairs.

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