How to fix summer research tasks from disappearing on today tab in Pokémon Go

Refresh the research tasks tab.

Many Pokémon Go fans may have noticed that the summer research tasks tab does not appear when attempting to view it in the daily tasks section. It’s to the right of the research tasks that you have and shows your progress to your weekly research breakthrough stamps. When players go to this page, many see the daily rewards and bonuses, but not the tasks themselves. There’s a straightforward fix to this issue.

You need to restart the application and close it down. Make sure to force quit out of it on your smartphone application to ensure the program closes, and you can do a fresh restart. You may want to wait about 20 seconds before trying it again to ensure everything restarts properly. When you open it back up, return to the research tab, and you should see the available tasks to the left of the research tasks you received from PokéStops.

Several trainers have noted this could happen reasonably often roughly around the time of the battle or friendship challenges are available. It could be due to the limited nature of the tasks since they lead to the release of Pokémon Go Fest 2020, but it might be the code itself. Regardless, a quick restart is all you need to do, and it will likely resolve the issue in the future with other unique research tasks displayed at this location.