How to fix the no ping to our data centers error in Halo Infinite

Network errors are the worst.

Screenshot via Xbox YouTube

One of the more common errors to plague early adopters of Halo Infinite is one that states there is “no ping to our data centers.” Essentially, this means that the game is trying to connect you to its servers but cannot recognize your internet. Supposedly, this is an issue that PC users are running into more than anyone playing on an Xbox console. If you are having this error pop up when you try to play Halo Infinite, here is how to fix it.

To fix the no ping to our data centers error, you need to get the game to recognize your connection. First, we recommend restarting your PC and your router. If any bugs are running from either side, they should be taken care of in the reset, which is the easiest fix. If that does not fix the issue, be sure to check the Halo Support Twitter account. If the game is currently down for maintenance or any server issues are presently happening, they will announce it there.

From there, other methods to get around this problem include trying to connect on a different internet connection or verifying your game files. To do the latter, right-click Halo Infinite in Steam and click Properties. Go to Local Files and select Verify integrity of game files. Steam will now automatically look through all of Halo Infinite’s files and ensure that nothing is corrupted. Unfortunately, if you are playing the game through the Xbox app, you will need to uninstall and reinstall it to fix any corrupted files fully.

Finally, a common fix for this issue is connecting a VPN and setting yourself to another region. If none of the solutions above have helped, we recommend getting in contact with Halo Support directly. They can help direct you through any issues with getting connected to the game and get you on the right path.