How to fix unable to download XP data error in Rocket League

No matter where you are getting the problem there is a fix.

Image via Psyonix

While experience points are not the most important number to have on display for your Rocket League profile, it is a way to look at how far you have come in the game. Unfortunately, a recent issue has popped up where players are unable to download the data connected with their experience. Here is how to fix the unable to download XP data error in Rocket League.

To fix the XP data error in Rocket League, you will need to back up your saved data and create a new save file. While doing this will not affect your progress or inventory items, you will lose some replay and settings data through this process. Here is how to update your data on various platforms and then upload that into Rocket League.

Epic Games Store

To back up your data on the Epic Games Store, first, find your Rocket League file by going to Documents, then My Games. Rename your file to something you can remember, like Rocket League Old.

Next, make sure Rocket League is closed and open the Epic Games Store Launcher. Click Settings and make sure the Enable Cloud Saves box is empty. Launch Rocket League, and the tutorial video will play. When that goes through, your new save will be created. Exit out of the game, copy over any replays or video settings into the new file and delete the old one. You can turn the cloud saves back on if you want them and play the game normally now.

Nintendo Switch

To back up your Nintendo Switch data, you will need to be a Nintendo Switch Online member. If you are, you can make sure your data is up to date by going to the tile on your home page and pressing the plus button. Go down to Save Data Cloud, and you will see your current backup progress.

After your data is backed up, go to System Settings, Data Management, Save Data Cloud. Choose the account your data is on. On the next page, go down to Settings and turn off Automatic Save-Data Download.

Now back yourself out to the System Settings page. Again in Data Management, select Delete Save Data. Find Rocket League and choose to Delete Save Dara for the account you have backed up. Launch Rocket League to create a new save file. Back out and close Rocket League. Go back and turn Automatic Save-Data Download on. Download your backup data by pressing plus on Rocket League and selecting your Save Data Cloud profile. Start the game again.


To back up your saved data on PlayStation, you will need a paid PSN account. If you have one, select Settings, System, Power Saving, Features Available in Rest Mode, Stay Connected to the internet.

Go back to Settings. Select Saved Data and Game/App Settings, then Save Data. If you are on PlayStation 5, select Auto-Sync Saved Data. On PlayStation 4, choose Auto-Upload.

After your data is in the cloud, go back to Settings and choose Storage. Select Saved Data and find Rocket League. Press the Options button on your controller and delete your data on your console. Startup Rocket League to create a new save file. The console will automatically bring up your backed-up data.


To back up your data on Steam, first, find your Rocket League file by going to Documents, then My Games. Rename your file to something you can remember, like Rocket League Old.

Now launch Steam and go to Library. Right-click on Rocket League and choose Properties. Go to the General tab and uncheck Keep game saves in the Steam Cloud for Rocket League. Close out of Steam and launch Rocket League to play the tutorial. Exit out of Rocket League and relaunch it to get a new save file you can copy over your replays and video settings. You can turn the Steam Cloud game saves back on now if you want.


Backing up your data to the cloud is automatic on Xbox whether you have Xbox Live Gold or a free membership. All you need to do is connect to the internet to have it uploaded.

Press the Xbox button and go to My games & apps. Find Rocket League and press the Menu button (the three lines button) on it. Select Manage game and go to Save data. Press A on the data and Delete from the console. Launch Rocket League and the tutorial will play. Close out of the game and relaunch it. You should be good to go.